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Haworth’s 1940′s extravaganza – just “don’t mention the war!”

The annual 1940′s weekend in Haworth is just around the corner and this year promises to be every bit as exciting, thrilling and raucously good natured as previous years.   This annual extravaganza attracts thousands of revellers and wartime enthusiasts to Haworth’s quaint cobbled streets, recreating the atmosphere of a VE day street party.  On both Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th May, the skies above this normally sleepy Bronte village will be alive with the roar of the Spitfire, Hurricane and a full RAF flypast.  Other stand out events on this packed and varied weekend schedule include a 101st airbourne and parachute display, a marching pipe band parade, exhibitions including a Lancaster bomber, Spitfire and military vehicles, Jive dancing, Land army girl display, vintage stalls and an evacuee bus journey and parade. 

Although, not compulsory, many visitors to the festivities choose to dress up in 1940′s clothes and wartime uniforms all of which helps to recreate the spirit of the time.  A couple of years ago a group of friends booked one of our town houses at Bents mill as being an ideal base for this 1940′s Haworth weekend. They, like many others, were enthusiastic participators and had hired Nazi and British army uniforms of the period specially for the event.  Having donned their costumes in the morning before setting off for Haworth, they were having a whale of a time marching around the car park and posing for photos.  Coincidentally, however, there happened to be a German couple also staying at Bents mill in one of the apartments and they were most bemused, on opening their blinds that Saturday morning, to witness this strange and irreverent scene.  A true Faulty Towers “don’t mention the war moment” if ever there was one!  Fortunately, after we had an opportunity to explain this groups antics, the German couple took it in good spirits and made the short journey over to Haworth to join in the fun. A wonderful weekend was had by all.  If this all sounds like too much fun to miss, we still have availability for the 40′s weekend (17th – 19th May).

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